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images (8) Play Trivia That Gives ,Bids That Give is now Supported By Big Companies in The USA to support our Cause.

Trivia That Gives Is a Trivia Platform Game .That you all can Play and earn points to Shop, win Gift Cards with and Money. And most important It Show’s how many Meals that you personally have earned to feed Children. These Meals are sent to all of our Charities that We Support. It’s Free to sign up and Have Fun While giving back all at the same time.

 Trivia that Gives )If you have a Smart Flat screen TV, You  Can make it a Game night with Friends and Family!

Bids That Give is Going out of their Way to ensure that the World Knows What we are all about, and what we are doing to make a difference in the World. Now we have (Star’s) Celebrities From Hollywood that are involved. They are now Bid Ambassadors for our Company to build and Make a difference  in our World. Trivia That Gives  has every Trivia Question that Trivial Pursuit has! They have Entertainment, Sports, History, Science, and Bible and they will be adding more soon.

Really soon, you will all see Trivia That Give’s in your Local Business’s You can Play it on your smartphone, Tablet and your Desktop Computer.

Come and Join the Next Revolution in Giving Back! Everyone likes to play Games once in a while and you can to, and be rewarded for doing so. Giving Back to The Cause for kids has never been easier.

Go and Sign up for Trivia That Give Click right here Trivia That Gives  .Have Fun and Save underprivileged Children from Hunger.



Watch this Video and It will Show you how to Play Trivia That Give!

Now you  Will Start Seeing Trivia That Gives in Your Local Businesses .If you are a Business,Restaurant,Sports Bar , Coffee Shop,Car Wash Hospitals. Any were there is a Waiting area, You can Sign up your Busniness Make money, and Get involved with this Company that Is Feeding the World.This is How you Sign up for a Business.


 Trivia That Gives

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Susan Marie Lynch

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