Changing The Way you Do Business!

Changing The Way you Do Business!

Hello, My Name is Susan Marie Lynch

I am an internet marketer working to improve my life and the lives of others!

I am married and have two children and Three Grandchildren.

I am Just like you Out there figuring out how to make money online and I have worked at it for some time.

I am not some internet guru I am a mom just like most women, But I am driven to be very successful and want all of you to know that you all can do it too!

A little about me

I went to high School, and took some business online. Between my husband and I, we have been in every MLM that you can think of and we were not successful I truly think its because now we are in an information age were you have to be able to market yourself on line.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with M.S. and the doctors had me on all kinds of prescription drugs. We all know of course that the medical industries are feeding the pharmaceutical giants and they are all getting rich off of our ignorant s. I followed there advise for three months, until I decided that getting out of bed was out of the question and functioning like a normal person was not in the cards for me while being on these drugs. There is no cure for M.S. So I went back to my roots and started researching every way to heal myself with vitamins and positive thinking, I have read all kinds of books from Louise L Hay, Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins , My business sense came from Robert T. Kiyosaki and his wonderful Wife Kim My husband and I got a chance to meet them both of them at a Seminar in LA.

So I started looking….

A good friend of ours Ron Salazar introduced me to internet marketing and I was out there marketing other products for people and you have to have at least 100 website’s to make money marketing for others .I truly was confused and struggling out there by myself, its not easy ! But because I didn’t give up! I stumbled upon something that will change my life for ever. Internet Marketing with My leads systems pro.

One day I was on face book talking to my friends and saw a add on the side of my page and clicked on it, and thanks to Joe Sandy and My leads systems pro. I found the answer that I was searching for, from that day until now! my life has truly changed thanks to MLSP, now all my work and my success is because of what I have learned from them and you all can be successful like me.

My Passions.

I am truly passionate about The Lord, Family, and   helping others to be successful like me.

In conclusion

You all have to stay around Because I am here to help you be successful just like me there is tons of information on my site for you all to learn so get ready to learn how to  be successful ! Its all here for you, Now it’s your turn to take action so that you to can get your results.

Thank you for stopping by if you have any questions Please do not hesitate to ask that’s what I am here for!


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